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Jonathan Dimbleby on Atmos: “fantastic for Totnes in so many ways”

September 1st

With our next consultation day coming up on September 12th, your opportunity to help us prepare the final plans for the site, we dropped in on Atmos Patron Jonathan Dimbleby…

What is a Community Right to Build Order?

August 26th

Those of you who have contributed to the design work happening around the Dairy Crest site have been working towards the submission of plans for a Community Right to Build…

A date for the diary: help us prepare final plans

August 24th

The Atmos Hub will be open again all day on Saturday September 12th to give you the opportunity to ask your questions about Atmos Totnes.  Totnes Community Development Society (TCDS)…

What is Atmos Totnes?

What is Atmos Totnes?

Imagine a hub that is the heart of a new economy for Totnes and further afield, a food entrepreneurs’ school, affordable housing, a business incubator, a living, breathing taste of sustainability in practice, rising from the ashes of the derelict Dairy Crest site. We want to make that happen…

How You Can Help

How You Can Help

… but we can’t do it without you.  This is a community campaign, and as such it needs your support.  There are all kinds of ways you can get behind this, and we are grateful for any support you can give.  Together we can make something extraordinary happen at the heart of Totnes.

Jacqui Perks

Atmos Voices

We go out and about in Totnes to ask local politicians, shopkeepers, taxi drivers and anyone else who’ll stand still long enough to talk to us why they think Atmos matters and what their visions are for the site.  Each voice is captured in a podcast, just click on them to hear what they have to say (new voices added every day).