From Totnes News: ‘Project leaders win public vote’

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[From Totnes News] MEMBERS of the Atmos Project in Totnes go into a meeting with Dairy Crest officials secure in the knowledge that they have the backing of the town for their vision of the future of the now derelict site. Around 300 people gave a ringing endorsement to the plans for bringing the Station Road site, once occupied – and still owned - by the milk giant, into community ownership. Atmos has ambitious plans [...]

“I’d suggest Dairy Crest really does its best to make this one work”: an interview with Lord Deben

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The Atmos Totnes campaign, which is working to bring the former Dairy Crest site in Totnes into community ownership, recently found vocal support in Lord Deben, also known as former Secretary of State for Agriculture John Gummer.  Atmos Totnes is seeking to bring the site into community ownership and develop it as “the heart of a new economy”, a mixed development, owned and managed by, and for the benefit of, the community.  Its patrons are [...]

Public meeting report: Atmos Totnes gets huge community endorsement

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On Tuesday 17th April, at Totnes Civic Hall, around 300 people from across the community gathered to hear the latest about the Atmos Totnes campaign, and its work to bring the former Dairy Crest site into community ownership.  The campaign was launched 5 weeks ago by patron Jonathan Dimbleby, and has since generated a lot of media coverage, gathered over 40 'Atmos Voices' on the campaign website, and has a meeting arranged for May [...]

What do the people of Totnes want to see happen on the former Dairy Crest site?

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At the recent Atmos Totnes public meeting those attending were asked "what would need to happen on the former Dairy Crest site in order for you to be completely delighted with it?" Here are their responses: Wildlife- fair bit of wildlife, avoid possibility of reducing this by creation of too much sterile ‘parkland’ No houses Best eco-design Music venue Small local industry Forum –meeting, entertainment etc... Something that supports local creativity Something that is modern and [...]

From BBC News Devon: ‘Totnes Dairy Crest site could get ecological revamp’

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Campaigners behind a plan for a business enterprise centre built to high ecological standards in Totnes want to buy a former dairy site.  The Dairy Crest processing site next to the railway station has been empty since it closed in 2007. Atmos Totnes, with the support of patron and broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby, wants to turn the site into residential and business accommodation.  Dairy Crest said it would consider "all serious proposals" for the site. 'So [...]

From Totnes News: ‘Atmos Project plans will go before public’

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[From Totnes News] THE vision behind Atmos Totnes is to have a wider airing as campaigners’ plans to bring the former Dairy Crest site into public ownership take another step forward.  A public event is to be held at Totnes Civic Hall on Tuesday April 17 at 6.30pm when leading figures will share their plans, hopes and the latest developments as they bid to turn the town into a beacon for the rest of the [...]

Totnes Times: ‘Project could be trend-setter’

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TOTNES’ pioneering Atmos Project could be a beacon for other community-managed schemes around the country, it has been claimed.  The group’s vision to rejuvenate the derelict former Dairy Crest site in town was described as being at the cutting edge of economic innovation by many delegates at the Social Enterprise Exchange in Glasgow. The world’s biggest social enterprise event was attended by Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond and speakers included Nick Hurd MP, [...]

Atmos Totnes announce major public event

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[Atmos Totnes press release 4/4/2012]. Atmos Totnes, the campaign to bring the former Dairy Crest site in Totnes into community ownership, will be holding a public event on Tuesday April 17th at 6.30pm in Totnes Civic Hall to share its plans, its hopes for the site, and the latest developments in the campaign.  The campaign kicked off three weeks ago, when writer and broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby, one of the project's patrons, joined over 300 people outside the site for a [...]

A packed civic hall marks first show of public interest for Atmos

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A public meeting is called in Totnes to share progress so far on the Atmos project and to invite community support and participation. The Civic Hall is packed and there is great enthusiasm for the project. BBC quote Rob Hopkins from the Atmos team: "We imagine it could be a place where new enterprises are cultivated, renewable energy is generated, public events take place and businesses grow. It's a gateway to Totnes, just falling to [...]

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