Thank you Totnes, and see you in 2015

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2014 has been the year in which Atmos Totnes moved from an idea, a possibility, into a fast-moving live community project. That’s only been possible thanks to the support of thousands of people in this town, and we’d like to express our gratitude to you all.  It’s been quite a year for Atmos Totnes. We spent the first half of the year negotiating the terms of the contract that we finally signed in August, sitting at [...]

Tom Jenkins on the culture of pride at Unigate/Dairy Crest

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One of the many visitors to the Atmos Totnes Hub was Tom Jenkins.  Tom worked at the Unigate/Dairy Crest site between 1980 and 1989. Here he recalls the beginnings of the Social Club and how its foundations came to be, taking in 100,000 gallons of milk per day and making 50 tonnes of clotted cream a day in the run up to Christmas: Here he recalls how Unigate looked after its staff, and the level [...]

Dairy Crest’s Duncan Good on Atmos: “I’m staggered by the response”

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Duncan Good of Miles Commercial Investment, who represents Dairy Crest, called in to the Atmos Totnes Hub last week to meet with some of the Totnes Community Development Society team.  While he was visiting, we took the opportunity to ask him, as one of the key partners in the development of the former Dairy Crest site, for his thoughts on progress so far, and how he found the experience of seeing the community consultation taking [...]

Matthew Monaghan on working behind the bar at the Social Club

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Matthew worked behind the bar at the Social Club for 3 years, and his dad worked on the Unigate/Dairy Crest site for 30 years.   Here he shares some memories of working there.  "It was manic" he says.  "I was gutted to see it go.  It was such a lovely place with a skittles alley and snooker room"...   We are proud to have received funds from All Our Stories Heritage Lottery Fund which [...]

“You can’t help but participate”: Atmos Totnes Podcast 6/12/2014

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Saturday was the last day of the Atmos Totnes Hub's current incarnation.  180 people passed through the building during the day, at some points it was standing room only.  It was an inspiring conclusion to a remarkable process, and we'd like to thank everyone who has come along.  Here is a little video taste of just how busy it was on Saturday... We'll be back in January with more workshops and all sorts of [...]

Last day of first stage of consultation

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The common themes emerging from the first six weeks of consultation are that the community aspire and want to see jobs, and housing, being developed as urgently as possible. The first round of consultation closes with a packed day at the Hub.

“I’ve loved it”: Atmos Hub Podcast 29/11/2014

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It's been our busiest Friday/Saturday so far, with lots of people both bringing their stories and memories to the Past, and their great ideas to the Future. Here is this week's podcast, in which we asked various visitors how they found the experience of visiting the Hub. We are proud to have received funds from All Our Stories Heritage Lottery Fund which has supported work during this stage of consultation at Atmos Totnes. 

From Totnes Times: Tunnel under rail lines rediscovered

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A lost tunnel that runs beneath Totnes has been rediscovered. And it could end up being reused as a unique pedestrian link with a developed Dairy Crest site. The old tunnel was built by Brunel 166 years ago as a railway bridge over the town leat which was then used as a mini canal bringing small craft into the heart of Totnes. As the railways grew, the tunnel got longer and is now more than [...]

From Totnes Times: Residents ideas set to shape Atmos Project

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Totnes residents have been turning up in their hundreds to help the town put together a vision for the future development of the eight-acre Dairy Crest site. Eventually the town will be asked to take part in a referendum vote on a masterplan for the former dairy site which has lain derelict for the last seven years. Meanwhile, the site office building next to Totnes railway station, which has become host to Atmos Project's major [...]

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