Herald Express: Totnes Dairy Crest site bought by community for £1

By |2014-09-27T08:11:41+01:00September 27th, 2014|News|

An historic agreement has paved the way for the regeneration of the Dairy Crest site in Totnes, which has been vacant since 2007. The pioneering Atmos project, put forward by Totnes Community Development Society, has driven negotiations to create a national legal 'first' that will secure the land for community development. An agreement is now in place for Atmos that will allow the purchase of land, including the historic Brunel building, by Totnes community for [...]

From BBC News Devon: Disused Totnes Dairy Crest plant sold for £1

By |2014-09-26T06:40:28+01:00September 26th, 2014|News|

Part of a former milk processing plant has been sold to a community organisation for £1. The Dairy Crest processing site next to the railway station in Totnes, Devon has been empty since it closed in 2007. Atmos Totnes, with the support of its patron, broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby, wants to turn the site into residential and business accommodation. Dairy Crest said it was impressed with the group's passion and wanted to help it. Rob Hopkins [...]

Statement from Totnes Community Development Society: 25 September 2014

By |2014-09-25T13:00:59+01:00September 25th, 2014|News|

This is the statement read out today at the site gates: “Today, on Thursday September 25th 2014 at 1 o’clock, we gather at the gates of the former Daws Creamery /Cow&Gate /Unigate /Dairy Crest site (depending on how old you are), to announce that a historic agreement has been reached in relation to its future.  In 2007 this site closed, and valuable jobs in our community were lost.  […]

Totnes Times: Atmos project to unveil plans for derelict site in town centre

By |2014-09-24T08:58:11+01:00September 24th, 2014|News|

From today’s Totnes Times: “The future of the Totnes Dairy Crest site, which has been left derelict for the past seven years, will be revealed tomorrow as multimillion-pound community plans for the eight acre site are unveiled. […]

Statement: The Future of former Dairy Crest site to be announced

By |2014-09-17T06:35:49+01:00September 17th, 2014|News|

After 7 years of campaigning for a community-led solution to the future of the town’s former Dairy Crest site, Atmos Totnes have today issued the following statement: “At 1pm on Thursday 25th September at the gates of the former Dairy Crest site, an announcement will be made regarding the site’s future. We believe this announcement will become part of Totnes community history. A statement will be read out and given to everyone attending, and a [...]

Totnes Skate Jam’s Atmos visions

By |2014-09-02T06:36:08+01:00September 2nd, 2014|News|

On Saturday, Rob Hopkins of Atmos Totnes gave a workshop at the Totnes Skate Jam to around 40 young people. The Skate Jam, organised by The Living Projects, brought young people in Totnes together with music, talks, food and skating.  At the end of his workshop, Rob asked the group what they'd like to see happen at Atmos, what would need to happen there for them to the thrilled and delighted by the outcome.  Here's [...]

Site’s gates opened to public for first time in 7 years

By |2022-05-05T12:28:04+01:00September 1st, 2014|Timeline|

For the first time in 7 years, the site's gates are opened to the public and an announcement is read out about the deal made between Dairy Crest, McCarthy & Stone and TCDS. It is announced that as part of the agreement TCDS are to take on the footprint around the Brunel Building and the building itself for one Totnes Pound (the town’s local currency at the time). The gate-opening event is captured in this [...]

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