On Saturday, Rob Hopkins of Atmos Totnes gave a workshop at the Totnes Skate Jam to around 40 young people. The Skate Jam, organised by The Living Projects, brought young people in Totnes together with music, talks, food and skating.  At the end of his workshop, Rob asked the group what they’d like to see happen at Atmos, what would need to happen there for them to the thrilled and delighted by the outcome.  Here’s what they said:

  • 10505049_10152626051546420_4573716496226235634_oA kind of a co-operative through which local artists can sell their wares
  • A place where free emotional support/therapy is available
  • A herbal hospital
  • A travellers hostel
  • A solar farm on every roof
  • Free saunas (!)
  • Food production on roofs
  • Multipurpose space
  • Yoga sessions
  • A Skillshare space where people could put down “I want to learn this” and “I want to teach this”….
  • A Cafe/music space which is also a performance space with a dance floor and circus rigging.
  • An indoor skate park

As Atmos progresses and more and more consultations are run, we will keep a record of the ideas people come up with on this website.  The Totnes Skate Jam was an amazing event, and we’d like to congratulate the organisers.