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Answers from the 8 October Public Meeting to the question “How might you feel visiting the Atmos Totnes site in 5 years?”:

All ages working together – areas for kids to feel free to take part • Keep a sense of the history of the place • I feel nourished, happy, alive, interested and friendly • Vibrant community – strong relationships between organisations on site • Community – relationships • I can feel love, love between people and towards Atmos • Community involvement, warmth and joy • Connected, warm community, active, engaged •  It is the community that owns and runs it.  Next project! • Uplifted and inspired • I am in love with my community and it loves me • Being together – open minded buildings and people • Friendliness • Feeling • Welcomed, challenged, creative, inspired, bold, supported, among friends, empowered, valuable •


Inspired, safe, relaxed • At home, excited, intrigued, relieved • It’s a station – feeling expectation of a journey, excitement – heart racing • Home, community, togetherness, innovation, belonging, joy, creativity, dancing • Happiness, freedom to party, life in an old building • Inspired! •Inspired, alive, happy • Present – in the moment • Contentment of small carbon footprint and small shadow • I feel calm, contented, like I belong and am part of something • I’d feel so happy • Feeling more cheerful when I leave the site • Loved? Content and proud – satisfied – warmth, at least towards others and self • Massive soulful of pride in the town • Grateful my step-grandchildren will have somewhere safe to play and learn •


A welcome feeling place to pop into and stay for a while • Deep sense of place and sociality • This is a place just to be with others • Happy, peaceful, inspired, energised, empathy for others • Joy, togetherness, ‘rightness’, belonging, excited, at peace, fulfilled • Something built from the heart, with activities worked with a passion • I feel a sense of community • Feel welcome, interested, stimulated • Excited • Different generations working together, caring • Travel, visitor interest, the wider South Hams • Feeling inspired. I am smiling at the ‘industry’ that I am passing • A safe and relaxing environment • Contentment, peaceful, inspired • Iconic buildings, modern yet not forgetting the past – Brunel/Atmospheric Railway • Excited, inspired, involved • Low traffic noise, live music, arts •