At our Atmos Totnes public meeting on 8th October at St John’s Church, we asked people, in the second half of the meeting, to imagine that in five years time, Atmos Totnes has become an inspiring place to work, learn, live and relax.  We asked them what they would be seeing, hearing, feeling, doing, smelling, tasting and learning there.  We will be publishing their responses over the next few days, starting here with “what would you be doing there?”

Atmos_web_logo_8_Oct (1)Playing in a safe space • Working, playing, relaxing • Children playing – all kinds of small industrial work spaces, crafts and food processing • Music making, like in Fez, Morocco • Visiting someone in a workshop – catching a train • Learning, working, playing, walking, talking, sitting • Practical opportunities to learn, whilst volunteering, building • 100+ jobs – working on site, good opportunities for younger people to see a career in town • Local crafts • Complementary spaces • Young people can learn/do old handicrafts • Making • Getting together, working, music, eating, meeting new people, solving problems, creating writing, organising • Socialising, creating, building, working • Creating •


A tour of clean energy solutions throughout the site • Work, play, collaboration, exploration, mixing and meeting and trying something new – a vibrant community – a place to thrive • Working and making a living – socialising, dancing and partying • Dancing! • Earning a livelihood – teaching and doing craft – dancing, socialising • Relaxing, working, moving • Eating, walking, meeting, possibility, working, watching music and talks • I’ll be volunteering in the bike hub, enabling people to maintain their own machine • Pick up a new skill using my hands • Connecting with individuals from many varying identify groupings different to my own • Interaction, high fives with everyone, levers and pulleys • Milling flour from local grains •Learning new skills, socialising • Evidence of craftsmanship – making things is the very essence of being human • Play – co-operatives, explore projects •


Plenty of pleasing things to do – gardening, craft work etc, • Sport – crafts – workshops – apprenticeships – meeting places – crafts – recycling • Spaces for makers/artists • Attending talks and workshops and skill shares • Apple pressing • Lifting a cake and a cup of coffee to my mouth • Something firm, solid but built with heart with lungs of the environment • Working, playing and living in the site • Touching and feeling artefacts and variety of goods – craftsmanship, engaging in tactile experiences  – heritage – volunteering for benefit of all • Interesting contrast of textures – old buildings and new – walkways over water at the back of the site? • Playing, learning, caring •Learning with my children • Organising educational visits and co-ordinating fieldwork for visiting groups • Making affordable home textiles – upcycled clothes • Eating, working, socialising, playing, doing something I love with people I love • Eating, drinking, renting office space, music and theatre performance , exhibition space • Eco sustainable energy and renewable, whole site on eco sustainable principles • Finding out about … classes/group meetings/ voluntary work (gardening etc), visiting someone at home.