Atmos_web_logo_8_Oct (1)Here are the answers to the question “if you visited Atmos in five years time and it had developed how you’d like it to, what might you hear as you walked around.  “Laughter” appears to be a particular favourite!:

Sounds of water, fowl and frogs, grasshoppers on site, towards the river, bicycle bells, birds, laughter, excited voices • Children playing, workshop noises, music • People talking, work activity, bird song, laughter • A good music venue, with late night things on weekends, and workshops/skillshares during the week • Trains, grinders, machinery • Music – rehearsal space (Skill share) – performance space – more opportunities for local artists and music from other well-known artists • Bird song • Acoustic music performances • Bird song, laughter, conversation, hum of businesses • The river flow – better shared public access – kayak/walk/picnic activities • Trains slowing down • Teaching sounds, buzz of insects, talking • Not too loud! • Sounds of life • Music •


People singing, birds singing, turbines humming, sawing, laughing • Music • (Good!) music, laughter, work, chatter, the river, the wind in the trees • People talking, music, children playing • Soundart Radio 102.5 FM – Community Radio Station • Diverse live music, tools working, skateboarding, laughter • Acoustic music, laughter, silence of busy happy people and children, birds (NOT seagulls) • Life! • I want to hear lots of delighted laughter and discussion • Live music, talks, laughter • Announcements on the station in a local accent – harmonious sounds of people who are improving what they do • Laughter, children playing, human beatboxing • Live music, song, birds, wind • Surprise, water, steam, trains, kids, laughter, joy, nature • The sound of a watermill • Music venue, cinema, street performers, the river • Trains, birds, traffic, people activity, manufacturing, retailing, playing, clear links to the rest of the town •


Bird song, musicians, running water • Laughter and birds • Very little that carries far – music, conversation, birds • Wonderful music of all kinds • Children, laughter, music • Wind in the trees • Music • Laughter of kids • The sound of bees, and business and laughter and production • Birds and children playing by the river • Noise of people working and moving and talking and producing • Hammering, making, chat • Music, birds, friends voices • Stories about how businesses are thriving based on their links with the rail network • Music performances, trains, more trains • Skate park, birds, bees, buzzing, suitable plants, music, working noises (small craft, making, engineering businesses) •