Lastly, we asked people what, in the Atmos Totnes of their dreams, they might smell as they walk around the site.  Here are their answers:

Atmos_web_logo_8_Oct (1)The smell of sawdust, food being processed, fresh coffee being brewed, bread baking • Smell of fragrant plants and of eco-natural materials which the buildings are made of and fresh coffee and home-baked wholemeal rolls coming from the various cafes on site • Fresh cakes, sweet water • Fresh, green, tasty, aromas • Sweet smell of success! • Range of smells not over-riding pollution • I’d still like to smell and taste the fried bread from the station cafe • Bakery • Clean air!  No pollution.  Baking? Flowers? Nature • Wood, mud, flowers, compost • Organic, local delicious meals, wood, paint, grass, flowers, fresh bread, herbs • Smelling no fumes from trains • Woodsmoke, fresh bread, woodchip, mud, herbs •


Plants, flowers , food cooking • Freshly cooked falafel wraps • Burgers, local food, wood shavings, welding • Sweet compost, small scale baking and cooking, trains, no cars, no horses • Food, coffee, meadow, wood • Food, flowers, timber, scents I can’t yet identify • Steam, green, clean, (rhymes) (if they smell), cultures • Wildflowers and mown grass • The flower beds and trees • River/sea – good cooking • Coffee, scent from planting • Lots of herbs, honeysuckle at night • Bread baking • I smell flowers and food cooking in the outdoor cafe • Clean air!  Smells of activity • Wood smoke as we sit round a fire at dusk • Smells of cooking from the cafe, smells of flowers and grass • Food processing smells • Flowers, herbs, baking bread, organic • Cafe, studios, in Atmospheric Pumping Station • Fresh air, lime trees, freshly sawn wood