Here are the responses to the question “What might you taste at Atmos Totnes in 5 years?”:

Atmos_web_logo_8_Oct (1)Lovely food – fresh air! • Singing • Good local food – workshops – teaching – skillshare • Delicious food to drink – additional outlets for existing cafes • Edible gardeners – yummy food ­– destination place for travellers, workers and residents • I’d like to taste samples from all the range of food processors using local ingredients • Coffee – saw dust • Kindness – conversations – gentle talking • Local organic food • The feast of a meal cooked and shared with friends and neighbours • Satisfaction! •


Good food and drink, locally made and grown – fresh bread • Falafel wraps, local organic food • Local food • Taste of freedom from business-as-usual paradigm • Eating cake from local flour • Tasting success! •A large range of baristas, sandwich bars and anything else, which could make it a more accessible and enjoyable place to be • Tastes that intrigue but don’t make me unhealthy • Multi ethnic food cooked by people from all over the world with local ingredients • Tasting local • Organic cafe • People talking and listening • Excellent local food • Fantastic coffee • Local beer and cider – healthy organic GM-free food •Shared meals cooked in a community kitchen •

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The taste of local, natural, organic, with a fiery spicy tang to it • Talking and engaging in ideas and introducing young people to different concepts as well as laughing and telling tall tales • Talk to people about their work – about why they’re there • Fresh baked bread • Coffee culture – local produce ­– healthy food • Yummy local food and wine • Local food producers • New Lion Brewery beer – River Cottage canteen – more diverse restaurants with food from other European countries/Asia •