Feedback from our Public Meeting on 8th October in response to the question “what would you like to see on the Atmos Totnes site in 5 years time?”:

Atmos_web_logo_8_Oct (1)Open spaces, contemporary and traditional design, green space • Visual art spaces, green spaces, clean building lines • Manufacturing space, craft workspace, lean trades and technologies, meeting space • Colourful flowers and plants and beautiful wildlife and gracefully designed exciting funky eco architecture and art features in the landscape • Beautiful and stylish buildings – people working, playing, enjoying • Dairy Crest provided work – so I’d like to see work places • People interacting, making, buying, selling, drinking with friends, trees and flowers, plants growing, bicycles • Nature-enhancing, an uplifting place for the spirit • Park and Ride! •Trees • Colour • Natural building, efficient and sustainable • Glass – attractive architecture – trees – river – birds – people • Art – space to create your own and see others – theatre/dance/performance space – skillshare space • People of all ages • I’d like to see a beautiful, busy, yet calm place that provides a suitable exciting welcome to Totnes • People at work at family and cottage businesses, children at play, thriving train station • Wildlife, insects, abundance, vibrancy • Exhibition space, lots of people, green spaces, gardens, some nightlife, artists workshops • Coming, staying, going •


Mixed use, work, play, community mixing, and meeting, sharing, collaborative, indoor/outdoor, green space, natural building • Different social and age groups together, smart use of space and lots of people, creative spaces and flexible spaces • People interacting, people of all ages, play, creation, enterprise • Children playing, trees, bicycles, people walking about • Something architecturally stunning • Community arts centre, art exhibitions, late night music venue • Sustainable livelihoods, community hub, live/work space • Innovation, something new • Rounded corners, colour, smiles, unstressed people • I want to see lots of care having been taken with the building • I think an exciting idea for a young person especially is a skatepark made entirely from local/recycled materials • Seeing the effect of hand and eye work, and solutions that delight • Many colours, some kind of harmony of movement, very aesthetic, lots to see • People everywhere, water, links, bridges, families, movement, change • Local farmers unloading their wares • Open space, trees, play areas, well designed buildings • The Brunel Building being used for heat and power generation (bringing it back to life) • Structures which hang together visually.  Things that delight the visual senses • Housing integrated with manufacturing in an area of well-tended gardens •


Co-operative activity, gardens • Things of beauty, activity • The river, trees, samples of what’s available in town, maps, photos, drawings, models etc of former uses of site, old churns etc • People and plants • Inspiring buildings • Many everyday objects of art and beauty and craft • Many performance activities • More trees and colour in nature • I see the possibility of a semi high rise block of flats looking to the river and canals on the site • Lots of fluttering green leaves and buzzing insects • Something iconic, innovative and resourceful • I see the beauty of natural materials • People, activities, crafts, nature, community engagement and essence of the future • Interesting and attractive buildings and plenty of green things growing • Colour, light • Seeing people, pleasant green paths through the site, creativity, no cars •Friends and familiar faces, children playing, elderly people relaxing in company, all sorts of people/ages/races/gender/sexuality together enjoying the space • By 2020 Atmos Totnes has become an inspiring place to work, live, learn and relax • Bus stop, people and bikes, walking, plants, trees (fruit, nut shade), small business units, pond, basketball court, no Himalayan Balsam!  Solar panels, houses, flats, playground/outdoor gym • Iconic moden buildings which respect history of the site • Beautiful restored Brunel Building as a landmark.