Here are some of the answers gathered so far to the question “what, if Atmos Totnes turned out as you would most love it to, might you be doing there in 2020?”  Our Hub is open again every Friday and Saturday between now and December 6th.  Pop in and add yours!

brunelA place for cultural experience: dance, arts, music, film! • Learning • A food distribution hub • Sharing skills, sharing friendships • Bike hire for bike path • A safe place for the youth of Totnes • Spa, luxury, relax, nature • Making, exhibitions and interactions • Learning new skills/exchanges, practical stuff and creative fun • Making, singing • Poor, deprived workforce in the area. How do we acknowledge and work with them? •  Living off the grid • Sensory food providing. Green spaces, quiet zones •

That prosperity and abundance in the broadest senses are actualised • Humans, moss, water, dreams •  Co-creativity opportunities •  Makers, crafts, artists • Warm, cosy, atmosphere • Living, working and relaxing in harmony • Making, building, playing, helping, giving • Making beauty • Making connections • Food – fun • Create sacred spaces • Meeting friends, colleagues, for coffee, lunch, drinks, entertainment, talks, talks, community events •  Kayaking in kayaking school •  Making coffee, cooking •


We are proud to have received funds from All Our Stories Heritage Lottery Fund which has supported work during this stage of consultation at Atmos Totnes. english_landscape_black (2)