We’re a few weeks now into the Atmos Totnes Hub and the ideas are pouring in.  Here’s a taste of some of the responses to the question “what would you see on the site in 2020 if it turned out as you’d like it to?”.  Our favourite so far?  Deepening the leat and having houseboats along it!  Do add your own as comments below….

Studio containers with growing roofs • CIC’s, NPO’s and open spaces to relax, work and socialise! • A solar powered distribution centre:

  • Fresh/refrigerated
  • tricycles, milk vans
  • all renewable to keep distribution to local services

tumblr_neh7qbEAPv1u2cpbyo1_400Inspiration from Southwark in London: Tate, Oxo Tower • Water, a lido, public pool: accessible, beautiful • A communal food cooperative, green roofs and walls, communal gardens, all ages, eco-homes, solar and wind power, shared communal space indoors • Space for mad ideas • If housing is part of this plan, could this be a CLT? Community Land Trust • Nature in building, moss, graffiti, outdoor art • Park & Ride in flood zone • Cool park for kids • World Art, famous exhibitions. Tate Modern • Viable for the population as it is local employment opportunities, not undermining the town centre

Beauty, other species loving this site • Sustainable living • Integrated disabled adults engaged in appropriate activities • Glass/wood, offices with highly professional, creative businesses (design) • Green walls inside • Beautiful, multicultural buildings • Spaces that are completely flexible – moving walls etc • Life, people, green, creativity • Beautiful green spaces where cross-generational activities happen • Birds, flower, nature, children playing • Community seed bank. Heritage seeds, organic • Beauty, colour, nature. Water changing, interactive place • Disabled and non-disabled living and working together • Second studio for Soundart Radio

Lots of beautiful edible and useful plants • A place that fits in with the local environment • Visual Art space • Arts and sustainability think tank institute, lab – Centre for cross-fertilisation bringing community and current thinking together • Site should sit in and relate to its heritage and environment, not be an ‘island’ • A community building area, with people working together on projects educating young people on sustainable living • Open doors to people working and creating • Tall buildings with chimney in the middle • Many surprising corners, nooks and small spaces. Many little workshops, shows, offices, mini parks, green spaces, architectural curiosities. Everywhere I look I’m delighted!

Brunel building restored as performance space • Link to Coronation park ie BMX track, adventure playground • Camping in Woods • All ages. 1-100 yrs • Boats moored on Leat – maybe house boats? (dig out Leat) • All ages, cultures sharing same space • Lovely green park for walking for trains • Education for everyone • Beauty. Elders and youngs together. Sacred space • People working together, inspiring others by demonstrating possibilities • Industrial heritage • Solar, PV, thermal on all the roofs • Rounded corners, colour, smiles, unstressed people • Smiles,learning, sport, entertainment, culture • I want to see Aba (dad) play with me • Food, trees, plants, wood, edible plants, people of all ages, fire, nature • Colour (Artist reference: Hundertwasser).


We are proud to have received funds from All Our Stories Heritage Lottery Fund which has supported work during this stage of consultation at Atmos Totnes. english_landscape_black (2)