Totnes Weir Scheme Opens for Investment

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  Work has begun on Totnes Weir to build a 300 kW hydro scheme, with Atmos Totnes being one of two potential key recipients of the energy generated alongside KEVICC.  The scheme is being developed by Dart Renewables and once built, the turbine will generate 1,200 MWh of renewable energy every year, enough to power the equivalent of around 280 homes. […]

Atmos Totnes and the National Election

By |2015-04-23T12:26:50+01:00April 23rd, 2015|News|

There is an election going on, and you may have noticed that some of the candidates, in their prospectuses that are daily dropping through your letterbox, have been mentioning Atmos Totnes. We have also been approached by political parties seeking our endorsement. This therefore feels like a very good time to restate our position on party politics.    […]

3 Atmos Outreach Sessions Announced

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Find out more about Atmos Totnes, feedback, ask a question or two, see the plans: Saturday 25th April - Follaton Community Hall 12pm - 6pm Saturday 2nd May - Hall by the Library in the Mansion 10am - 1pm Monday 11th May - St John's Church 5pm - 9pm Don't forget... You can also visit the Atmos Totnes Hub on Wednesday 12 - 5pm (until 13th May).  Next to Totnes Train station, London side - look [...]

Meet the Team: Andrew and Craig from Mace

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We want to introduce you to the consultancy team who are making Atmos Totnes a reality. Over the next few weeks we'll be putting faces and stories to the people in high viz jackets that you might have seen working on the site. Today we'd like you to meet Andrew Clancy and Craig Grabham who work for Mace Cost Consultancy, based in Exeter, who are working with Totnes Community Development Society on that aspect of [...]

Meet the Atmos Ambassadors

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Part of our community outreach as part of Phase Two of Atmos is our very wonderful Atmos Ambassadors.  The Ambassadors are people from across Totnes who have all undertaken to have 100 conversations about Atmos with their friends and neighbours.  At a recent meeting we caught up with a few of them to find out more:

What are the key principles behind designing Atmos?

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By the end of the recent Phase One of consultation on Atmos Totnes we had spoken to and heard the views of 2,500 local people on what should happen on the former Dairy Crest site.  Although you might imagine that we would have received such a diverse hotchpotch of ideas that it would be impossible to find any kind of consensus, actually the common thinking came through strongly.  At the last round of consultation, those [...]

Leases agreed between Dairy Crest & TCDS

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You might have thought that by now, the inputs of 1000s of people would make it difficult to establish clarity on what the town wanted, but the key principles came through very clearly. You will find them listed here. Our design team are given a brief consisting of the initial known constraints, investigations and community consultation and asked to work together to present the best solutions to meet the community need. Leases are put in [...]

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