There is an election going on, and you may have noticed that some of the candidates, in their prospectuses that are daily dropping through your letterbox, have been mentioning Atmos Totnes. We have also been approached by political parties seeking our endorsement. This therefore feels like a very good time to restate our position on party politics.   

Totnes Community Development Society (TCDS) is an Industrial and Provident Society working on behalf of the community of Totnes.  We seek to model a new approach to development, and to how a community is able to think about and shape its future.  We do not have any party connections or allegiances. We work on behalf of the community of Totnes, across the political spectrum.

So, while you may see political parties and candidates talking about Atmos Totnes and TCDS as the election approaches, it does not imply any political endorsement from TCDS.  For Atmos Totnes to work the best it can, we invite everyone to get involved, whatever their political position.