Here at Atmos Totnes we’ve just opened for a period of consultation specifically around business uses on the site. This marks the beginning of a new and final phase of information gathering on the development before the development goes forward for a Community Right to Build Order referendum.  If you’ve ever dreamt of moving an existing business at Atmos, or starting a new one, or are looking for space for particular activities, we’d really love to hear from you before July 24th. 
We are asking businesses or organisations interested in using the planned enterprise space on the site to come forward  to submit expressions of interest. An open meeting to explore how businesses can collaborate and develop and how this relates to the expressions of interest process will be held on Monday 6th July 2015 at 7pm at the Seven Stars Ball Room.

Totnes Community Development Society is the body leading the project to deliver Atmos Totnes on the old Dairy Crest site next to Totnes Station. All being well, work is expected to begin on the site in 2016 for delivery in 2017 and 2018. Site facilities will include flexible work and live/work units of varying sizes, access to outdoor space and opportunities for meanwhile space (space to be defined by the users). A fully integrated travel plan will be in operation on site including provision of electric bicycle, car and van hire share. The site will be managed as a Community Land Trust. Therefore those utilising space will likely be offered a range of essential services inclusively within their lease.

The collaborative spirit that has run through Atmos Totnes underpins this process of inviting businesses to come forward: tenants at Atmos Totnes will be expected to work collaboratively with others working and living on site to maximise the economic and social benefits for everyone. This period of consultation is an essential part of helping to establish who is interested in this and how we work together for the benefit of Totnes as a whole.

The information and expressions of interest that we gather will not just inform what happens at Atmos Totnes. Concurrently TCDS has also been asked to undertake business planning with The Mansion in the Totnes. Therefore, information collected around business use within this period is also designed to inform business planning for both Atmos Totnes and The Mansion This process will support the development of The Mansion House as a collaborative community-run facility, the management of which is to be decided at a later point. A range of office accommodation and space for community based education (particularly with but not restricted to an arts and crafts focus) are likely to be available at the Mansion House immediately and in the coming years.


Alongside work with potential business use of the site, public open consultation will continue in the next few weeks. Details of these public sessions will be announced during the summer. A number of positive outcomes from consultation with the community and with relevant agencies since October has constructively brought the two sides of the 8 acre site together in one masterplan. This is beneficial as it will facilitate TCDS in submitting for planning on the whole site through a single Community Right to Build order at the end of this year and early next year. A referendum on the future of the whole site is therefore expected in May 2016.

All of us at TCDS would like to say at this point ‘Thank you’ to well over 3500 people for their involvement in the Atmos Totnes project. The interest and commitment from the community has been invaluable, and what is emerging is remarkable.  As the design work continues we encourage people to stay in touch and keep involved.

You will find more information, and the form for expressions of interest, here.   We look forward to hopefully seeing you at the Seven Stars on July 6th.  If you would rather submit a paper expression of interest, just email us at  The deadline for submissions of Expressions of Interest is 24/7/15