totnes plan ALL (3)This week every household in Totnes is being given the opportunity to say what they think the housing needs are for the town. The questionnaire, which should have just popped through your letterbox, is being delivered to every house in Totnes.  It is part of the Neighbourhood Planning process in Totnes, celebrated at Saturday’s excellent consultation day, an initiative led by the community with support from Totnes Town Council.

The Housing Needs questionnaire asks people to say what housing facilities they consider priorities and also asks about their own household circumstances. The facts and views that come back will feed directly into the Neighbourhood Plan for Totnes. All residents in Totnes are being urged to complete the form which will contribute essential information for the future planning of the town.

One of the most-asked questions at last Sunday’s Atmos Totnes consultation was how the housing component of the site will be designed and allocated.  We are deeply grateful that the Neighbourhood Plan will also be sharing the results of the survey with us, and that those results will form the basis for the more focused design of the housing on the site.  This means that we will be able to be as sure as we can be that we are really responding to the needs of the community.


The data gathered will also help the Neighbourhood Plan group to ascertain what kind of affordable housing local people need and to establish what open market housing might be allowed in order to help the financial viability of any affordable housing scheme.

A number of local public venues and shops are collecting the Housing Needs questionnaires on behalf of the Neighbourhood Planning Team. People can also complete the questionnaire online. Please note that completing the surveys has a tight turnaround so as to avoid them gathering dust and muldering in piles of papers on your window sill.  Completed forms need to be returned before Sunday 27th July.