The Atmos Hub will be open again all day on Saturday September 12th to give you the opportunity to ask your questions about Atmos Totnes.  Totnes Community Development Society (TCDS) has been working with a team of designers, engineers, ecologists and financial specialists to realise the ideas from across the community.  With plans in the final stages of preparation, the design team and Directors will be on hand to answer your questions and ask for your feedback on specific parts of the plan, yet to be completed.


The day will also feature two more specific workshops, the first, at 12 noon, will offer the chance to contribute to the Atmos Totnes Housing Allocation Policy, and the second, at 3pm, to contribute to the Atmos Totnes Travel Plan.

TCDS are working towards a Community Right to Build Order in Spring 2016.  The community will ultimately decide if Atmos Totnes receives planning consent.  We will bee submitting for a CRtBO for the whole Atmos Totnes site.  The Totnes community will be invited to vote in a referendum on the project in the Spring.  We look forward to seeing you there!