Totnes Community Development Society is submitting for a Community Right to Build Order for Atmos Totnes (on former the Dairy Crest site).

Details of the order proposal are available for  residents, businesses and agencies to view and comment and make representations to Totnes Community Development Society at the Atmos Totnes Hub, Station Road, TQ9 5JP, the London side of Totnes Train station) on the following dates:

2nd November – 20 December 2015

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10am – 4pm

Wednesday 2pm – 8pm

Saturday and Sunday 11am – 3pm

A programme of exhibits will also take place in venues around Totnes. Details will be published shortly.


What will Atmos Totnes will mean for you, your family and your neighbourhood?

Atmos Totnes aims to provide truly affordable community-linked housing and jobs. Through the development, the community can own land and buildings, and run services and businesses in ways that meet the needs of Totnes, flexibly into the future.

crtboA Community Right to Build Order is a new community-led route to planning being used at Atmos Totnes. Many individuals, families, organisations in Totnes have helped shape the design process at Atmos Totnes and now formal consultation can begin.

An examination of the process will be undertaken by an official representative but ultimately, a decision to grant planning content is given through a public referendum. The community will therefore be asked to vote for or against the Atmos Totnes development next year.