With our next consultation day coming up on September 12th, your opportunity to help us prepare the final plans for the site, we dropped in on Atmos Patron Jonathan Dimbleby to show him the current plans and to hear his thoughts on progress:

“I’m Jonathan Dimbleby and I’ve followed the Atmos process very closely, and at the start I thought how on earth are Rob and the team going to make this big idea happen?  I found it exciting in principle, now it is really underway.  You can see what it’s going to look like, there’s been huge consultation.  It’s a real runner, and it can happen.  I think that if it does happen, it will be fantastic for Totnes in so many ways. For the community in general, for the individuals who need housing, it’s a bit of a wasteland at the moment, it can come alive.  It seems to me to be, as they say, a no-brainer.  So my suggestion, actually my urge to you, is go and look and see the detail at the meeting on the 12th September”.