It is expected that the referendum for Atmos Totnes will be held on Wednesday 23 November 2016. The local authority (South Hams District Council) needs to be satisfied that all of the necessary arrangements for the referendum have been made before the date can be confirmed.

For more information please see the South Hams District Council website.

Totnes Community Development Society is committed to supporting those entitled to vote to understand the process and plans that have been developed by this community for Atmos Totnes over the last 2 years.

Details of open events and activities where you can update yourself regarding the scheme and can ask questions of the Directors about Atmos Totnes and the Community Right to Build Order for Atmos Totnes will be published shortly. Please sign-up to receive email updates from Totnes Community Development Society to keep in touch about the project and associated activities. Or visit Facebook or Twitter.

The suggested referendum date will be confirmed after the official publication of the Notice of Referendum, which will be published by South Hams District Council later in October in line with regulations around referendum processes. We will update Atmos Totnes followers, and alert them to this information asap.

If you live within the designated area for the referendum please register to vote, it is your right to choose for or against Atmos Totnes. If you are not already on the electoral roll, you will need to register to vote by the Monday 7 November to be able to vote in this referendum. You may be able to vote even if you have no fixed abode.