The results of votes cast in the referendum on 23 November, on whether or not the Community Right to Build Order for Atmos Totnes should be given planning permission are as follows:

Votes cast in favour (‘yes’ votes): 85.69%

Votes cast not in favour (‘no’ votes): 14.31%

Turn out: 30.64%

You can see the official notice of these results on the South Hams District Council website.

Totnes Community Development Society would like to thank everyone who voted in the referendum, those who engaged in the information sharing in the run up to the referendum and the team of volunteers that enabled so many people to come forward. This is also an appropriate moment to thank once again, all members of the community, and staff at the statutory agencies for the committed participation in the consultation periods which proceeded the referendum and have been critical parts of this community-led design and planning process.

The Directors of TCDS will be meeting in the coming days to discuss the outcome of the referendum in relationship to the work of the organisation and specifically in relation to Atmos Totnes. We will be in touch with those that are following this project through our website, our mailing list and social media (Facebook and Twitter).