As you may be aware Totnes Community Development Society has planning permission through a Made Community Right to Build Order for the affordable homes, employment and community space on the Atmos Totnes site. Since obtaining planning permission the team at Totnes Community Development Society has been undertaking various elements of post planning pre-development work required to meet conditions of the Order.

Part of the programme in preparation for commencement of development includes putting in place the strategy for protecting various species of wildlife currently on the site. Between now until the middle of May our ecologists will be undertaking some of the earliest stages of this work in green spaces across the site. This period will be focused on relocating reptiles from the Atmos Totnes site to another location in Totnes prior to demolition and construction on site. This will involve clearing of foliage so that the animals can be spotted and appropriately collected by our trained ecologists.

Depending on the weather and therefore the progress of team in the coming weeks we hope to hold an open session for Totnes residents who are interested in how the wildlife on the site will be protected through Atmos Totnes, and particularly as it relates to the current pre-development work. If we have opportunity to do this, we will publicise this event on our website and through Totnes Community Development Society membership.

Totnes Community Development Society has also recently submitted an application for Listed Building Consent for works around and to the Brunel Building at Atmos Totnes. It is due to be refurbished in the new year following demolition works.

You may also be aware that Totnes Community Development Society runs the Mansion in Totnes as a community building and holds a licence for use of the Elmhirst Building for activities planned by local young people (Golden Iris).

We are working with Golden Iris to run an event at the Elmhirst Building (opposite KEVICC) on Easter Monday. We hope you will join us for this fun occasion. Aside from the activities mentioned on the poster, on display at this event will be the recently submitted plans and drawings for the Brunel Building, as well as some information about planned renovations to the Mansion.