Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

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The consultation on including a policy relating to the former Dairy Crest site in the Totnes Neighbourhood Plan closes. It attracts 177 comments from the public and 10 from statutory bodies. All are positive and supportive of Atmos Totnes, apart from one written by PCL Planning, “on behalf of Fastglobe”. In their statement, the Environment Agency write: “In order for new development to be permitted it will need to satisfy both parts of the Exception Test. [...]

Mansion now at 80% occupanncy

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The Mansion is now at 80% occupancy and use including a new shared office space for up to seven new enterprising individuals, recognizing this type of work space was much in demand post pandemic. Once again there is a cafe established at its heart, Edgy Veggie Kitchen is now open, the ceramics and arts studios are brought back into regular sessional use and the Mansion became a top destination for the town Halloween event, 'Let [...]

Totens MP Anthony Mangnall acknowledges housing crisis in South West

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Totnes MP Anthony Mangnall tells BBC Radio Devon “we’re all acutely aware of the housing crisis in the South West. From a shortage of long-term rental properties to thousands of Airbnbs, to land-banked land, to unaffordable ‘affordable homes … drastic action must be taken”.

Statement from Totnes Community Development Society: 20 September 2021

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TCDS and the Atmos for Totnes campaign have been asking ‘What Happened?’, ever since the former Dairy Crest site was sold from under our feet in January 2020. We think it is time for a re-cap of the facts, including some new information that has recently come to light, as reported by George Monbiot in The Guardian on 15th September 2021. The facts as we understand them are: After several years of intensive work and [...]

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