Statement from Totnes Community Development Society: 20 September 2021

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TCDS and the Atmos for Totnes campaign have been asking ‘What Happened?’, ever since the former Dairy Crest site was sold from under our feet in January 2020. We think it is time for a re-cap of the facts, including some new information that has recently come to light, as reported by George Monbiot in The Guardian on 15th September 2021. The facts as we understand them are: After several years of intensive work and [...]

Le Journal de Montreal article

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Le Journal de Montreal publishes an article with the subheading ‘Committed citizens of a small town feel they have been betrayed by the Quebec processor”. The article contacts Saputo Inc. in Montreal who issue their standard statement. The article concludes “At Saputo, the top five executives saw their salaries and bonuses jump by more than 20%, to $23.94 million, in fiscal year 2021 compared to last year”.

South Hams District Council declares housing crisis

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South Hams District Council declares a housing crisis. In a statement they write “Due to a number of factors, including the lack of rented accommodation which is available for longer than six months, an excessive rise in house prices due to second home-owners, the conversion of properties to Airbnb’s and people moving into the District since the pandemic: South Hams District Council has no choice but to declare a Housing Crisis”.

George Monbiot writes about Atmos in the Guardian

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George Monbiot publishes an article in the Guardian entitled ‘England’s right-to-build laws are tokenistic and feeble – just ask the people of Totnes’, which reveals for the first time that Saputo UK’s COO and President Tom Atherton and Patrick Gillies, broker of the deal and now the self-proclaimed ‘designer and developer’ of the site, were in fact brothers-in-law when the sale of the site to Fastglobe was done. He writes: “None of my questions – [...]

Saputo Inc. responds to TCDS’s letter

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Saputo Inc. responds to TCDS’s August letter, ignoring all the evidence of the breaching of their corporate ethics by Tom Atherton, but instead insisting that the behaviour of their UK operation was legal, something TCDS had never questioned. They state: “Although Saputo is reviewing your concerns relating to Mr. Atherton’s conduct, we believe that the sale of the site is legal, executory and has been validly and legally completed for all purposes and cannot be [...]

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