Saputo Inc. responds to TCDS’s August letter, ignoring all the evidence of the breaching of their corporate ethics by Tom Atherton, but instead insisting that the behaviour of their UK operation was legal, something TCDS had never questioned. They state:

“Although Saputo is reviewing your concerns relating to Mr. Atherton’s conduct, we believe that the sale of the site is legal, executory and has been validly and legally completed for all purposes and cannot be legally unwound. We no longer have any legal rights to this property and therefore cannot control or influence any future plans for the site. Please note that Saputo does not, as a matter of course, inform third parties of the outcome of its internal review processes. As such, you should not expect any further reporting from us on this specific topic. We acknowledge and commend you for your passion and commitment towards your community. However, we do not believe we can assist further in this matter. We sincerely wish TCDS all the best in their future endeavours”.

Astonishingly, Atherton remains in post.