Mansion now at 80% occupanncy

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The Mansion is now at 80% occupancy and use including a new shared office space for up to seven new enterprising individuals, recognizing this type of work space was much in demand post pandemic. Once again there is a cafe established at its heart, Edgy Veggie Kitchen is now open, the ceramics and arts studios are brought back into regular sessional use and the Mansion became a top destination for the town Halloween event, 'Let [...]

Totens MP Anthony Mangnall acknowledges housing crisis in South West

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Totnes MP Anthony Mangnall tells BBC Radio Devon “we’re all acutely aware of the housing crisis in the South West. From a shortage of long-term rental properties to thousands of Airbnbs, to land-banked land, to unaffordable ‘affordable homes … drastic action must be taken”.

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