The consultation on including a policy relating to the former Dairy Crest site in the Totnes Neighbourhood Plan closes. It attracts 177 comments from the public and 10 from statutory bodies. All are positive and supportive of Atmos Totnes, apart from one written by PCL Planning, “on behalf of Fastglobe”. In their statement, the Environment Agency write:

“In order for new development to be permitted it will need to satisfy both parts of the Exception Test. The first part requires consideration of the wider sustainability benefits offered by the development of this site. In order to satisfy the second part, any developer will need to undertake a site-specific Flood Risk Assessment, which demonstrates that the development will be safe from flooding over its lifetime, will not increase flood risk elsewhere and will improve flood risk for the town. To demonstrate this, the flood risk modelling will need to be updated to include the current climate change allowances (which changed in 2019/2021). This modelling work will provide a better understanding of the flooding constraints and opportunities, and may alter the previous flood outlines and development area within the site”.