In the referendum held on the 23 November 2016, the ballot paper had the question “Do you want the development in the Community Right to Build Order for Totnes Neighbourhood Area to have planning permission?” The community had the opportunity to either say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to this question and Atmos Totnes.

In the run up to the referendum people were invited take a look at the plans for the proposed development so that they could each make their choice.  Atmos Totnes plans include:

  • 99 homes including 62 truly affordable houses linked only to this community, and 37 ring- fenced homes for older people
  • Workspace for local businesses to provide at least 160 jobs
  • Refurbishment of the Brunel Building, a health and wellbeing centre, space dedicated to the whole community (young and old alike)
  • Community ownership of the majority of the land through a town wide share issue
  • Flood defence for Totnes through redevelopment of the site
  • Training opportunities through the build, management and maintenance of the site.


South Hams District Council have published formal information relating to the Community Right to Build Order local referendum for Atmos Totnes which will take place on the 23 November 2016. View the masterplan here that was used in the referendum.