What were local people being asked to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to in the Atmos Totnes referendum?

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In the referendum held on the 23 November 2016, the ballot paper had the question “Do you want the development in the Community Right to Build Order for Totnes Neighbourhood Area to have planning permission?” The community had the opportunity to either say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to this question and Atmos Totnes. In the run up to the referendum people were invited take a look at the plans for the proposed development so that they could each make [...]

Is the Atmos scheme ready to build?

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Yes. The Atmos Totnes Process has achieved Planning Permission for the site through a Made Community Right to Build Order, which was won through a thorough and innovative community consultation process leading to a referendum. A comprehensive phasing plan has been drawn up and the design team have all the technical design, engineering drawings and supply chain ready to start building in accordance with the strict licensing and phasing that exists on the site. [...]

Does Atmos have planning permission?

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Yes. Subsequent to the community-led design process the scheme was taken through a Community Right to Build Order process (one of the first in the country) concluding with a referendum by local people last November 2016 where 86% of votes were cast in favour of the scheme receiving planning permission. Consequently the Community Right to Build Order for the scheme (including the Brunel Building) was Made by South Hams District Council on 1st March 2017. [...]

I know nothing about Atmos Totnes, what is it?

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Atmos is a community-led project to redevelop a derelict industrial site (the Dairy Crest site next to Totnes rail station) for homes and businesses in Totnes. The plans show 99 homes (62 of which will be genuinely affordable for the community and 37 will be for older people), and enterprise and work space providing employment for at the very least 160 people plus services and amenities to support the Atmos Totnes and the community [...]

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