Statements of support

“The Atmos Project is inspired and just the kind of initiative that puts Totnes in the world class of urban visionaries. The UK is now more dependent than ever on regeneration of existing sites and the Dairy Crest site could be both a standard bearer for Totnes, and for the country as a whole; an example that could be exported to towns and cities the length and breadth of the UK”

Nick Crane, writer and broadcaster 

“One of the great IK Brunel’s most spectacular mistakes was the use of the Atmospheric propulsion system on the South Devon Railway from Exeter to Newton Abbot in 1847, and apart from the permanent way, the Dairy Crest site is one of the few remaining vestiges of his experiment.  The Atmos Project is poised to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of Brunel’s disaster, and a low-carbon mixed development would be an excellent way to bring energy and regeneration to Totnes. I give the project my full support”.

Adam Hart-Davis, writer, broadcaster, photographer 

“One community has come forward with what I believe to be an audacious, environmental progressive, economically viable and exciting plan to regenerate a brown-field site at the heart of Totnes, in Devon.  The Atmos Project will be a beacon development, meeting the needs of its locale, as well as generating national and international interest. I urge those in executive positions to recognise the opportunity this small development will have to create legacies that go beyond simple balance sheet arithmetic. It is time for radical, courageous, leadership.  We are poised on the brink of a new era in human history, the “environmental revolution”, it will be projects such as this that, in time, will write our legacies and inform our futures.  I offer the team my complete support and wish them every success in realising this ambitious project.”

Gordon Shields, chairman and founder Shields Environmental 

“The success of Riverford Organic owes much to the growing consumer demand for quality, organic, GM free food and local people’s strong commitment to sustainability.  I therefore welcome the positive effects of The Atmos low-carbon initiative at this important gateway to Totnes.  A development like this is a positive response to the community’s economic needs and gives a blueprint for the way we should be living in the 21st Century. We need this kind of change at the local level as well as the global level.  Riverford would be interested in establishing a restaurant on the site, showcasing what is best about this region’s food, taking our philosophy truly from Field to Plate.”

Guy Watson, Director, Riverford Organics

“Golder Associates are pleased to be in a position to support  the innovative Atmos Project, which we believe demonstrates a way forward with regards to making the most of our available land in the UK. By seeking creative solutions to dealing with flood risks, access  issues and incorporation of cultural icons, The Atmos Project can maximize the use of this land to the full by offering businesses, social organizations and the public an exciting new development.”

Rachel Jones, Golder Associates

“Inspiring, not only for the folks in Totnes, but for other towns and communities who have similar sites in dire need of re-use in imaginative and sustainable ways. Great work”.

Alan Brown. Transition Linlithgow.

“The Dairycrest site is a key site for Totnes, for the economy, for employment, possibly for housing, and how it is developed will make a big impact on the environment, backing as it does on a considerable length of the Dart footpath. How it is used in the future will impact very considerably on Totnes. It is important that Totnes people are consulted and that the very best ideas are put forward and examined. Atmos is the organisation with the influence and the heart to be able to do this”.

June Posey. 

“Community, innovation, sustainability …. are all aspects needed in building a resilient future that is relevant to local people.  Let’s embrace the potential for this here and support this project”.

Karen Benson.

As a surveyor I am used to the standard linear approach to development where the landowner, builder developer and owner of the buildings all make a profit out of what is essentially a public gift of permission to develop.  Past attempts to tax that gift have ended up fraught with difficulty.  This model, which seeks from the outset, to re-cycle that value to the local community who effectively gave the permission is a brave and commendable step.

Charlie Taylor MRICS, Land and Property Consultants, Totnes