How was it for you? Comments from the Visitors Book

December 8, 2014

Book1Since the Atmos Totnes Hub first opened, we have kept a Visitors Book.  Over 1200 people passed through the Hub, and many of them left their ideas, thoughts and comments.  What did they write in the Visitors’ Book?  Here are most of their comments.  Thanks again to everyone who paid us a visit. Their comments are interspersed with some of the podcasts we did with visitors to the Hub too in case you missed them:

“So Inspired! Thank you! Wonderful presentation offered with such care, such depth and breadth we would love to be more involved •  An inspiring idea for community consultation. Thank you •  A very creative way of engaging me. Thank you •  Great! •  I find today being very rewarding and in the joy the outlet of all sorts of things going on •  Had a great day found it very interesting thank you •  Great project – go for it! •  Very interesting •  Exciting and stimulating for thinking further •

Amazing work. Very interesting. I would like to volunteer. I’ll be back later! •  Great •  Great consultation ideas. Really enjoyable •  Creative, enjoyable, engaging, human! If only all consultations were designed by Ruth! •  Can’t wait to see what are the results. Such a positive approach to this project •  Helpful Q and A with project workers •  Lets see something new on this site •  Lots of great ideas for the future of this site. Wildlife centre by the river too? •

Wonderful Thank you. So good to be able to have some input •  Very interesting. I’ve chipped in in my own small way •  New swim spots! Bring on the new…Lets have an outdoor activity in Totnes, gateway to Dartmoor •  Amazing way of gathering such a rich variety of stories and ideas •  Great opportunity to contribute. Thank you •  Thought provoking. A great way to provoke ideas •  Looking good. Great process •  Inspiring to be doing this •  Brilliant! Nice one! Inspiring! Let’s get going and keep the creative juices flowing •

On the last day, a choir dropped in for a flash mob-style rendition of 'A Fairytale in New York'.

On the last day, a choir dropped in for a flash mob-style rendition of ‘A Fairytale in New York’.

Very good. Keep up good work. Momentum •  Need to return having thought through the various ideas. Very impressed so far and delighted that it is finally happening at last •  Great consultation process •  Very impressed. Good layout •  Lovely to see this happening. Thank you so much! •  Very interesting. Great to see that site will be used and involvement of local community •  Great to see ideas for use. We would love to see skittle league involvement in new future use •  Inspirational for upcoming public consultation for South Brent CLT •  Very impressed with it all! I will try and get the rest of my family to come down •  Great consultation process. I had great fun making a proposed layout and look forward to seeing it all happen •  Wonderful ideas! •  Inspirational stuff! So exciting to see something incredible happening here that really reflects the community thinking. This could be magic •  Very interesting. Some great ideas and memories from people •

This should be an example of a national scheme •  Amazing potential to bring together all aspects of local creativity for a landmark space •  Fantastic to feel involved in what will be created in our community •  I’m glad I came •  Very exciting! •  Great ideas, knowledgeable voices, long may it grow and be a reality. I’m in •  Terrific project. Please remember the rest of the town. I’m sure you will •  Inspiring opportunities to participate •  So much thought, work and inspiring ideas. Food for thought •  What amazing potential for the whole community to share •  Excellent •  Best of beginnings! •  Very exciting!

Exciting opportunity. This building provides very useful initial space. Could be available on a free or low cost use for other use? • Brought back happy memories. A golden opportunity to link the past with the present and younger people with older people. Lets work together to provide the centre for the whole community  •  Carl Cashman could paint art on one of your walls. •   Brilliant space! Well done guys! So nice to see vibrant creative interaction •  “so much to do, so little done?” What was the name of Brunel’s assistant engineer who did most of the work? •   Contextual strategy? Budget? Sub-regional? District? Local? Site specific? 30 year plan? •   A wonderful opportunity •  A very good idea to ask for public ideas. The ‘committee’ principle must be difficult to apply to these developments. It really needs …visionary! •  Very innovative public consultation. Lovely to see art and consultation of memories marry so well! •  Brilliant! Well done •  OMG! So cool! •  Very thought provoking •


Wasn’t expecting it to have this much potential •  Exciting potential, nicely put together. Thank you.  Exciting •  Fun, nice folks •  Impressive. Good to see others input •  An amazing opportunity to do something: amazing, world class, innovative, leading, brilliant. A weighty responsibility. Good luck •  Loads to say and I will be back to link it in more fully. But it is a lovely place to be an amazing project and very welcoming •  Constructive feedback is to have a bit more space / less facilitation though all useful •  What an amazing space. Well done and very inspiring •  Almost too much to take in! Need more time to think about the seemingly endless possibilities. But very impressed by the way the project is expressed •  Very inspiring and amazing range of ideas and potential. Excellent that you have some child friendly amenties •

Nice to step back into my old office. Will be good to give the site a new lease of life •  Very encouraging to see a more publically involved decision process affecting a key area of the town •  Brilliant to have the interactive nature and opportunity to share ideas and be stimulated by others. Nice to have the help of helpers. Thanks. Will return •  Would like to be involved in design stage •  Only time to look at first ? And talk to Ruth. I will come back to learn more. Interesting •  Very inspirational. So many ideas and things to think about. I will return •  Many things to digest and think about. Hope to come back with some idea input •  Very interesting project. Glad to see that someone is doing something for the community in this extraordinary space.

Superb. Community consultation greatly appreciated •  Very useful thanks •  Appreciate the opportunity to comment. Thanks •  Brilliantly organised. Thank you! •  Really interesting novel display •  Really well done and engaging. I look forward to returning and contributing with my children more •  Love the plethora of ideas and “juice” and optimism in the big room •  Inspiring. Great activities to engage everyone •  Brilliant idea •  Absolutely inspirational way of conducting consultation • Lots to see and lots to think about •

Congratulations to TCDS on your achievement – credit also to be given to Tanya for original vision; to Pruw Boswell for protecting the Brunell building which frustrated other would be buyers; to Dave Chapman particularly who as Totnes Development Trust trustee along with former chair Ed Vidler carried the project forward for many years and to Sarah Wollaston for getting Dairy Crest to the negotiating table •  Lots to think through. Very inspirational and exciting • Amazing! I feel consulted! Interactive and brilliant •  Very impressive public consultation exercise • With the right people running the show anything is achieveable and you have the right people running this •  nspiring and exciting space lets use it well.

Excellent interactive event. Best I have been to •  Inspiring creating consultation. Very excited about the potential for this project. Thanks to everyone who has got it this far •  Congratulations on a really inspiring exhibition. Well done and good luck moving forward •  You are doing a great job. I hope we get some employment and resi space •  We would very much like a community space / pop up restaurant for hire, music venue etc etc  •


Very enlightening. Wish you all the best in achieving a good outcome •  Wonderful to be part of a real consultation •  Happy to be an advocate for Moon Lodge and workshop venue proposals •  Brilliant! Exciting! Cool! •  Exciting to see project getting started. Lots of inspirational ideas •  Keep going. Don’t get discouraged. It will be worth it •  Fantastic! Great! Inspiring! •  Put up banners to announce your presence. On railway side to •  Helped me think about the market potential and get excited about how it could be. Thanks •  Very excited lots to think about •  Very excited I think they could do amazing things here”.


We are proud to have received funds from All Our Stories Heritage Lottery Fund which has supported work during this stage of consultation at Atmos Totnes.

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