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Jacqui Perks

Jacqui Perks lives in a house that backs onto the former Dairy Crest site.

“…there’s a real need for teenagers particularly to have a safe and inspiring space to chill in, be it a cafe atmosphere, where they can meet face-to-face … or a great music space to go into and jam together and engage with each other..”

Julian Burn

Julian Burn is a campaigner, in various guises, for making cycling a more attractive, safe and feasible option for Totnes.  He also dressed up as Isambard Kingdom Brunel for the launch of the Atmos campaign.

“Atmos matters because it is a community project, and that, I think, is the future”.

Jonathan Dawson

Jonathan Dawson teaches the new Masters in Economics for Transition at Schumacher College.

“Atmos provides a facility at the heart of the town where the citizens, democratically, have an opportunity to decide the economic direction for the community”.

Ian Franklin

Ian Franklin is the Chairman of the Totnes and District Preservation Trust.

“You can have some culture, you can have work work, you can have some people living there, hopefully playing there, eating there…”

Pete Kibel

Pete Kibel runs Fishtek Consulting and is involved with the application to put a 300kw hydro scheme on the River Dart at Totnes Weir.

“… as much cross-linking as possible, ideas spilling over from one company to another … often you’ll find on small industrial estates there are benefits.  The more people communicate from one company to another, the wider and broader the benefits can be generally”.

Andy Garner

Andy Garner runs Totnes TV and Electrical.

“It would be fantastic for low cost housing, for start-up businesses, those sorts of things … whether it’s just going to be achieved, thank God Atmos are there trying to make it happen, because if it was up to the open market, it would have been gone a long time ago”.

Ben Hartridge

Ben Hartridge is a 6th form student at KEVICC and is a neighbour of the former Dairy Crest site.

“It’s going to provide an opportunity for new things and new ways of our town working.  It’s going to provide a new way of looking at things.  It’s full of so many exciting possibilities that could happen that it’s just too good to pass up, it’s brilliant”.

Jennifer Gorman

Jennifer Gorman works at Rumour winebar in Totnes, and is soon to become its manager.

“… an area where like-minded people can do business together, successfully and independently”.

Caspar Walsh

Caspar Walsh is a writer and journalist and runs Write to Freedom, a charity that works with young offenders using writing as a tool for personal development.

“…starts to generate a really serious new economy for the local area, that it’s not just a site that’s some kind of novelty that people go to look at, like a museum or a gallery, but that it’s really generating high levels of income and work, and that it can also engage young people in local enterprises”.

Hal Gillmore

Hal Gillmore runs Big Green Canoe, which runs ‘Transition Tours’ in and around Totnes.

“I’m from a farming family and it really makes sense that we bring back the agricultural vibrancy to our town.  There is a great potential to support farmers by having value-adding processes like food processing going on”.

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1 - 10 of 76 interviews