Atmos Voices

Kevin McCloud

June 15, 2012

Kevin McCloud presents Channel 4’s series ‘Grand Designs’ and is an architect in his own right, running a developer/architects practice called HabHousing.  He is a Patron of the Atmos Project.

“For years and years, development has been top-down, and it’s been a job where people have bought and sold and traded it and upped its value through the planning process, only to build rather crappy homes and buildings on it in the end.  I’m much more interested in the Gandhian approach, the bottom-up democratic where people as communities work together to empower themselves to take control … there’s nothing more exciting than seeing people taking control for where they live.  I think Atmos is important because Totnes was one of those early Transition Towns, so to see it flowering, to see it moving onto the next level, the next stage of community empowerment and ownership, is really exciting, but I think it also speaks volumes for where the whole nation, indeed where as a society we could go”.

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