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Kate Wilson

Kate Wilson is Chair of the Housing and Built Environment Forum and joint co-ordinator of the local Friends of the Earth group.

“I would like to see the Atmos site having a really good relationship with the rest of the town and with the river and with the school and with the community…”



Kevin McCloud

Kevin McCloud presents Channel 4’s series ‘Grand Designs’ and is an architect in his own right, running a developer/architects practice called HabHousing.  He is a Patron of the Atmos Project.

“For years and years, development has been top-down, and it’s been a job where people have bought and sold and traded it and upped its value through the planning process, only to build rather crappy homes and buildings on it in the end.  I’m much more interested in the Gandhian approach, the bottom-up democratic where people as communities work together to empower themselves to take control … there’s nothing more exciting than seeing people taking control for where they live.  I think Atmos is important because Totnes was one of those early Transition Towns, so to see it flowering, to see it moving onto the next level, the next stage of community empowerment and ownership, is really exciting, but I think it also speaks volumes for where the whole nation, indeed where as a society we could go”.

Tim Smit

Tim Smit is the Chief Executive and founder of the Eden Project in Cornwall and is also a Patron of the Atmos Project.

“I’m really excited about this project you’ve got in Totnes, the Atmos Project, because one of the great things we need to know about the UK is that it was once the manufacturing capital of the world, we were the masters of invention, and at the heart of the Atmos Project is a paean to the work of probably the greatest engineer who’s ever lived in Britain, Isambard Kingdom Brunel.  How appropriate than in a Transition Town, we see a place that is about making, about imagination, about creativity … our future depends on getting our young and our old to get curious again, to make wonderful things, which actually make the future something which is worth having rather than a glib place of consumption. I’m really pleased to be Patron of this project”.

Stephen Green

Stephen Green is the South West Bio Heat Programme Manager for Wood Fuel at Regen South West.

“The potential of what could be realised from that site is to make the maximum of its historic architectural significance, but showing then in a modern context how we can develop and support business growth in not only renewable energy but sustainability and associated businesses, providing real jobs, real skills, and economic growth for the future…”

Margaret Stone

Margaret Stone is the General Manager at the Seven Stars Hotel in Totnes.

“It’s a way that we can bring young people and older people together, because most projects are either for younger people or elderly people, but I think that young people can help elderly people, and elderly people can help younger people, and I think that’s really really good for a town”.

Charles Fox

Charles Fox is trustee of the Totnes and District Preservation Trust and is an advisor to South Hams District Council on architecture, conservation and design.

“It unlocks not just one possibility but several, so I see it as being something that opens up other opportunities as well as fulfilling its own ambitions”.

Jim Carfrae

Jim Carfrae is a designer and builder of natural buildings, builder (and inhabitant) of the first straw bale house in Totnes, and also works as an Associate Lecturer in the Environmental Building Group at the University of Plymouth.

“I would like to see lots of straw bales stacked on top of one another forming buildings and I would like it to be as low impact as possible in terms of the structure of the place … I think it is a thoroughly interesting and exciting project for Totnes”.

Louis Victory

Louis Victory is a retired former local authority Chief Executive and architect who is now very active in a number of Totnes community initiatives.

“It’s a huge opportunity to capitalise on the skills and enthusiasms and intelligence of the people in this town”.

Oscar Kary

Oscar Kary is a student at King Edward VI Community College (KEVICC) and is one of the founders of Earth Inheritors, the school’s student-led sustainability group.

“It could be a place where the old can help teach the young, and the young can help teach the old.  I really think it’s a place where visions and creations of projects can be created by the entire community”.

Jane Morrell

Jane Morrell runs Green Fuse Funeral Directors in Totnes.

“Totnes is really ready for something like Atmos.  Many communities wouldn’t be able to support it, to support the breadth of the vision, whereas in Totnes I feel it’s really exciting, it’s really on time, and it would give an even greater solidity to this community, an expression it would need to be a leader in its field”.

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11 - 20 of 76 interviews