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Ian Gregory

Ian Gregory jointly runs The Fat Lemons Cafe in Ticklemore Street.

“We need more business in Totnes all year round, not just during the summer period … to encourage more people into the town”.


Paul Davenport

Paul Davenport works at the King William IV (or the “King Bill”) in Totnes.

“A local bakers, local brewer, something for the young people, apprenticships for dying skills … it’s big enough to do lots of things for young people”.

Gill Goddard

Gill Goddard runs Gill Goddard Hair, a hair salon on the Plains.

… “something conceptually beautiful, environmentally sustainable, something people really want to be involved in.  I’d like to be involved in it myself!”

Karl Rasmussen

Karl Rasmussen runs Olsen Cafe in Ticklemore Street.

“It would be great for the community to have a community project that everyone works with…”

Lisa Hosking

Lisa Hosking runs Aromatika organic and natural pure plant skin care and also The Wild Fig deli.

“Atmos is incredibly inspiring.  We have so many local food producers of such high quality in the area and to bring something into Totnes that can help highlight those can only be good”.

John Caley

John Caley runs the Devon Harp Centre in the Narrows, Totnes.

“I think it’d be really nice to have something that’s based locally that’s been created by people locally”.

Alan Carter

Alan Carter runs Fusion clothing and also the Perfumerie, both on the High Street, Totnes.

“Finding out that it’s going to belong to the community and be local gives me the thumbs up”.

Mark Rundle

Mark Rundle runs Karma, fair trade gifts and homewares, in the Narrows, Totnes.

“Totnes needs diversity and Atmos can bring that to the town … I’m fully supportive of what they’re trying to do”.

Amanda Bellamy

Amanda Bellamy is head teacher at Park School on the Dartington Estate.

“A place where children could be safe, they could learn, they could train, there could be an apprenticeship for them so that when they leave school they could step forward into whichever profession they choose”

Stirling Paatz

Stirling Paatz runs Barr & Paatz, specialising in forefront of automation, robotics and mechatronics technology on Totnes Industrial Estate.

“… a very healthy mix of residential, parking is a desperate need for the town, and I would like to see scope for businesses like mine to expand into new premises that make good use of old disused industrial premises”.

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21 - 30 of 76 interviews