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William Lana

William Lana is co-founder and owner of Totnes organic textiles company Greenfibres, and is a Trustee of the Sharpham Trust.

“… a focal point for Totnes to allow a relaxed but engaged and interested group of people to find a voice and an active manifestation of the future that they would like to see”.

Ross Robens

Ross Robens runs The Wishing Tree, a toy shop in Totnes.

“Something that would turn Totnes, which is a place of interest, into something that was really thriving, and a destination for businesses and students…”

Val Price

Val Price is a volunteer at the Totnes Image Bank and Rural Archive in the Town Mill, Totnes.

“I’d like to see lots of little workshops, lots of separate jobs for different companies and different people, where everyone can join in”.

Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour, with her husband David, runs Bridgetown Stores, a corner convenience store in Bridgetown, Totnes.

“If it was bought by a big concern, the town could have no control on what goes in there, which may be detrimental to local businesses, so it’s very important that the community is involved in the decision making”.

John Elford

John Elford runs Green Books, a Dartington-based environmental publishing company.

“…a mixed development with some residential, some work spaces, maybe some office space, generally a new thriving hub for Totnes”.

Chris Berry

Chris Berry is the owner of Hot Pursuit Cycles on the Industrial Estate in Totnes.

“An area for people to go, for local crafts to be made, demonstration areas, a collection of different things that would also be a nice hub for tourism”.

Rebecca Mayes

Rebecca Mayes is a singer/songwriter living in Totnes.

“A thriving, exciting community of lots of different people doing lots of different things”.

Chris Watson

Chris Watson is a documentary film maker, one half of Smith & Watson Productions, in the Gothic House on Fore Street.

“That site is so central to the town, and could provide a concentration of activity for the community”.

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31 - 40 of 76 interviews