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Alice Crawford

Alice Crawford works with leather and canvas and is based at the Wakefield Studios.

“Somewhere you could have support from a group of artists, somewhere you could sell … and support each other as a group of artists selling together”.

Helen Lovell

Helen Lovell runs Moshulu, a shoe shop in Totnes High Street.

“Totnes has got a really good community spirit and I think that there are so many people in the town with great ideas that can get on board with a project and grasp it by the horns”.

Pete Ryland

Pete Ryland is involved in Totnes on the Move and set up the Totnes Rickshaw Company CIC.

“It’s out with the old and in with the new, and I think the Atmos Project is the only really exciting proposal for that site”.

Mark Burton

Mark Burton is one of the co-ordinators of the Totnes Pound.

“I’d like to see a whole new load of social enterprises starting up there.  It could be a real focal point for the town”.

Julian Wright

Julian Wright is the outgoing Chair of the Totnes Traffic and Transport Forum and is currently setting up a community electric bikes scheme.

“… a visitors’ centre, a welcoming site for people who arrive in Totnes, some sort of orientation for the visitor to Totnes”.

Matthew Criddle

Matt Criddle is the Director of NatureSave Insurance, who won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development in 2011.

“It’s a good opportunity that is going to waste”.

Ness Turner

Ness Turner is the co-proprietor of The Tangerine Tree Cafe in Totnes.

“I really like the idea of using the space creatively.  There are lots of artists and creative people around Totnes and to have workshop space that they could utilise to progress with their creativity would be fantastic”.

Wendy Stayte

Wendy Stayte co-ordinates Transition Town Totnes’ fruit and nut tree planting initiative, as well as being involved in other food projects in Totnes, such as Incredible Edible Totnes.

“There’s fantastic potential here for new industry, housing, growing, a model of new transport to and from our homes and industries – it’s very exciting”.

Richard O’Connell

Richard O’Connell runs Bandvulc, who remould tyres.

“We do need employment in Totnes, and there is a big shortage of small employment starter units and business start-up units.  I think its important to incorporate those into the site”.

Peter Smith

Peter Smith runs Totnes’ only pizza delivery service, Pizza Gusto.

“A lively place where plenty of people are given the opportunity to develop their own business ideas and put them in the market place”.

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41 - 50 of 76 interviews