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Matt Harvey

Matt Harvey is a poet and performer living in Totnes.

“It would be lovely to have those kinds of businesses there that actually make things, the ones that give pleasure just to meander around”.

Jonathan Dimbleby

Jonathan Dimbleby is a writer and broadcaster and is one of the Patrons of the Atmos Totnes campaign.

“Here is a fantastic chance to say ‘we can make this place serve us, our needs, be profitable, be part of a social enterprise which will be to everyone’s benefit'”.

Ian Bright

Ian Bright is the Director of the Totnes Renewable Energy Society.

“My vision is that that site could become an exemplar site, showing exactly how much renewable energy we can generate from a new development.”

Cllr. Tony Whitty

Tony Whitty is a former Mayor of Totnes and a Totnes Town Councillor.

“It is a positiveness that we need, looking again at our town, looking again at what we can do, and at what we can achieve.”

Rev. Julian Ould

Rev. Julian Ould is Totnes Team Rector.

“It’s a great sadness that a site that big is being wasted.”

Cllr. Judy Westacott

Judy Westacott is a Totnes Town and District Councillor, and has been the town’s Mayor for the past year.

“My vision is that it should be a site that is designed by the people in conjunction with Transition Town Totnes”

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71 - 76 of 76 interviews