Tony and Sharon Bligh recall the Social Club, the factory and Christmas.

November 27, 2014

Sharon and Tony Bligh, the various members of whose family worked at the site, in total, for 150 years, popped into the Atmos Totnes Hub last weekend.  They had lots of memories to share.  Here they recall the Social Club that was a heart of the Dairy Crest/Unigate site’s role as a community hub. “They took away our hub of entertainment, the lot”, they tell us. The Club was built by the factory staff, using money they had raised from their wages. “It was gutting when we lost it”.

Sharon, who worked on the site from the age of 16, gives us a tour around the map and talks about her experience working there.  She recalls a failed experiment called ‘Juicy Lucy’, a mix of milk and fruit juice which, unsurprisingly, failed to take off:

Tony talks about how, as a tanker driver, the staff in the station cafe knew that when you beeped your horn it meant you wanted your breakfast, and that by the time you’d finished working, your breakfast would be ready…

Finally, Sharon remembers how busy things could get in the run-up to Christmas…

The Atmos Totnes Hub will be open this weekend and next weekend, it’s last day being December 6th.


We are proud to have received funds from All Our Stories Heritage Lottery Fund which has supported work during this stage of consultation at Atmos Totnes. english_landscape_black (2)


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    November 27, 2014

    that was good old day worked there for 7 years in the canteen,was there when social club was built that really brought the people together,