Atmos Totnes

Atmos Totnes is the first project to be led by Totnes Community Development Society, an Industrial and Provident Society committed to pioneering community-led development in a way rooted in local economies.  Atmos takes an old milk processing factory in Totnes and, led by an exemplary and highly creative community consultation process, and in partnership with a mainstream developer and the site’s owners, is redesigning it as a vibrant,  mixed use development design as the heart of a new economy for Totnes. How we got this far is a story we tell here, and the principles the community has told us they would like to underpin the development can be found here.

Atmos is a great demonstration of people power, determination and patience. We see this site as being a catalyst for the town’s economy, as well as the opportunity to model a new approach to development, and provide the means for young people to stay in the town. As greenfield sites across the country disappear under unaffordable, inefficient and boring homes, we urgently need a new model.

Ultimately, the decision as to whether, and how, Atmos will proceed will belong to the community of Totnes.  Through a Community Right to Build Order sometime during the Spring of 2016, the community will be invited to vote for whether they want to project to proceed.