Planning – a new approach?

We have become so used to seeing housebuilders and developers building estates of houses and flats, factories and offices around us that it’s easy to feel we have no control over how our locales evolve over time. However there are examples around the country which show what can be achieved by taking a non traditional approach and the Localism Act 2011 adds to our strengths as we can use laws enshrined within this to make things happen at a community level.

Separate to the Community Right to Build Order process for Atmos Totnes, a Totnes Neighbourhood Plan is being led by Totnes Town Council with decisions delegated to its Neighbourhood Plan Committee (Steering Group) comprising of individuals from South Hams District Council, Transition Town Totnes/Transition Homes, TOTSOC, KEVICC and Totnes on the Move. At the present time, a shared vision and objectives for Totnes is being worked on following wide consultation with the local community.


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