Andrew Clancy

Name of company: Mace

Where is the company based? Exeter

Website address:

Providing independent, professional cost consultancy advice with the added value that comes from close relationships with construction and project management specialists within the current ATMOS team. Cost Consultancy is about focusing on costs early enough in the project cycle to be able to influence them. It is about establishing and understanding our the key cost drivers and delivering best value at every level. Cost Consultancy is about knowing the marketplace so that our clients can rely upon getting astute, accurate assessment of proposals in support of their business decisions.

Please share here other information that might help people understand the background of the company and its values.

Nationally we are known for building large programmes of works such as the Shard, or being the Olympic 2012 delivery partner. One of our core values is to find the pursuit of a better way. We attract, develop and retain people who have the courage to challenge the status quo, the passion and insight to bring new ideas to the table, and the enthusiasm to see them through

Name of Atmos Totnes lead within this company: Andrew Clancy

Job title: Cost Consultant

What do you think makes Atmos Totnes so interesting?

Being part of something unique in terms of community empowerment. I have been struck by the passion of the team members selected to deliver this project. This will set the standard, and be the flag bearer for community right to buy orders across England. Being part of that journey is incredibly inspiring.

Tell us a bit more about you. It can be something from your professional life or something about your interests outside of work.

I’m a keen cyclist and last year ran the London Marathon, then cycled 160 miles back to the West Country.

If there were an object to represent your role in the Atmos Totnes project what would it be?

A pound sign!

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