Andrew Kirby

Name of company: LED Architects 

Where is the company based? Totnes 

Website address:

LED Architects are architect and lead consultant to the design team. We will be working with the team to interpret the community brief and prepare masterplan proposals for the whole site. This will lead to detailed proposals for the south (of the leat) part of the site. LED are also working with the client to understand and facilitate how conventional processes can be changed to deliver this site to the community in a new way. 

Please share here other information that might help people understand the background of the company and its values.

LED Architects hold a deep belief in ‘community ownership’, with experience in delivering many community projects from Rural Community Facilities to Community Land Trust self build housing, projects with sound sustainable design and advice at the heart of all our projects. In addition to our community work, LED also work successfully in the education, health and leisure sectors. LED are interested in innovation, pushing boundaries and delivering projects new ways. 

Name of Atmos Totnes lead within this company: Andrew Kirby

Job title: Architect/Partner

What do you think makes Atmos Totnes so interesting? At its simplest level, it’s a project about local people building what they want, where they want it. Its about people and place making. 

Tell us a bit more about you. It can be something from your professional life or something about your interests outside of work. I love open water and the sea. I am a very passionate surfer and open water swimmer and enjoy kayak fishing. Last year I swam the Dart 10K. I am married with 2 daughters, Alba and Agnes, and I feel very happy and proud for them to be growing up in such a progressive and beautiful town. 

If there were an object to represent your role in the Atmos Totnes project what would it be?

A partially filled sketchbook and pencil.

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