Duncan Good of Diary Crest

Dairy CrestDC logo - jpeg has sites throughout England. These include offices, dairies, distribution centres and manufacturing sites. Our Head Office is in Claygate, Surrey.

Dairy Crest used to operate the site and is the current owner. We have been working closely with the team at Atmos Totnes on developing the site. We want the site to leave a positive legacy in Totnes and have been delighted to work hand in glove with the community on the project.

  • Please share here other information that might help people understand the background of the company and its values. 

Dairy Crest is the number one British owned dairy business, employing 4,500 people. Our four main consumer brands are Country Life, Clover, Cathedral City and FRijj.


Duncan Good.

As well as our branded business, we are one of the UK’s largest purchasers of fresh milk, buying around 1.9 billion litres every year.  We source our milk directly from around 1,100 British dairy farmers.

Dairy Crest is the leading doorstep milk delivery business in England and Wales delivering to over 750,000 households.  milk&more is a flexible, on-line service, delivering fresh, local and organic produce to the doorstep.

Our vision and values are the principles on which we can build a stronger and more successful company. 

Our Vision

We are proud of our links to the countryside, our dairy heritage and the part they play in everyday life.

We believe we should earn the right to consumer’s loyalty by providing healthy, enjoyable and convenient products.

We aim to meet consumers’ needs and go where this takes us.

As we grow, we will look after our people and the communities where we work. 

  • Name of Atmos Totnes lead within this company: Duncan Good
  • Job title: Property Consultant
  • What do you think makes Atmos Totnes so interesting? It is a chance for the local community, working with a corporate site owner and residential developer, to have an active and valuable role in the development of a historically important site. Atmos shows the power of positive community action allied to open minded and progressive businesses.
  • Tell us a bit more about you. It can be something from your professional life or something about your interests outside of work. I enjoy sport – both watching and taking part and am a keen triathlete and cyclist. I also enjoy watching my three daughters play sport including hockey, netball and lacrosse as well as doing Parkrun with them. 
  • If there were an object to represent your role in the Atmos Totnes project what would it be? 

My role has been to bring the various interested parties together and ease the wheels of industry – hence some bike lubricant.


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