Martin Bjerregaard

D3 Consulting are based in Littlehempston, a mile from Totnes.


Martin Bjerregaard

We are responsible for planning and managing any demolition works that may be required at site with a focus on reusing and recycling the demolition wastes into the new development. We are also looking into whether the ground underneath the site is contaminated with any hazardous materials or substances. Furthermore, we are also responsible for ensuring that all site visitors are safe and that all works at site are carried out safely, protecting both people and the natural environment.

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D3 is a small, niche demolition and environmental consultancy based near Totnes with core values in making sure that our clients get a cost effective solution to their requirements. We have a strong environmental focus in our work, working with our clients to make sure that people and the environment are at the heart of the projects we work on.

  • Name of Atmos Totnes lead within this company: Martin Bjerregaard
  • Job title: Director
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We really believe in the Atmos approach to Community decision making and think it is a major step in the right direction for future developments – putting the local community at the heart of decisions!

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As D3 we work on a whole range of demolition and decommissioning projects from offshore platforms in the North Sea to decommissioning of nuclear plants in the UK and even dealing with disaster waste after conflicts and disasters. We are proud to have our base in Totnes and yet be able to work on these types of exciting projects worldwide.

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A reclaimed brick!


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